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Paint and Play - Face Paint Kids Parties

Face painting is perfect for childrens events and puts a smile onto everyones face! From tigers to pirates, butterflies to princesses, we are experienced in painting a wide variety of designs and are happy to work to any theme you may have.

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This popular design makes anyone into a scary monster!

This little monster was painted for an article in Illusion Magazine that showcased Wendys work. It's a design that takes around 4 minutes to paint and is always popular at parties.

Lydia has been a favorite mews since she was just 3 years old and this piece was painted for the magazine American Face Painter. It's a quick and simple design thats perfect for the little ones who can't sit still!

Artistic looking clown design, mischevious!

For many years, The Paintertainer team painted at Butterfly World in St Albans. Literally thousands of butterfly faces were painted and this rainbow face is just one of them. We love the colours on this!

beautiful butterfly design with vibrant colours

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This young chap couldn't stop smiling when we turned him into a roaring lion

Animal faces are always popular with children and this little lion couldn't stop smiling when he looked in the mirror!

realistic floral face design perfect for any festivity Face painting at festivals works a treat and this beautiful young lady was painted at Camp Bestival in Dorset. She absolutely loved her face paint.

flowers with some magnificent eye design What a cute little girl! Sometimes the simplest of painting is what's needed and this face can be achieved in under 3 minutes!

Paint and Project - Henna, Body Art and Bespoke Projects by The Paintertainer

Here at The Paintertainer, we don't just face paint! Check out the photos below of other projects that we've done. If there's something that catches your eye or you have any awesome ideas for us, please Get in touch!. We love to hear from you!

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baby bump with a flowery twist

This Mum to be had a wonderful afternoon in the studio showing off her bump! Gestational belly painting is suitable in the third trimester of pregnancy and is great way of celebrating the female body in all it's forms! Belly painting is a fantastic addition to baby showers and can be combined with face & body art for your guests.

Henna can be applied to all sorts of materials and drums are no exception!

Cool henna design, applied to percussion instruments

forearm tattoo applied with henna Henna is a great way to try out a tattoo design. Please get in touch if you would like a bespoke design.

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custom frozen converse design custom disney converse bespoke frozen converse design

In 2015, Wendy became a Super artist for the charity Super Shoes. Supershoes provide personalised, hand painted canvas shoes for children fighting cancer in the UK and these trainers were the first pair that Wendy painted. Supershoes are a gift to remind these incredibly brave children of who they are, despite their illness, tough treatments and challenges. To find out more about the charity and how you can help, please visit www.supershoes.org.uk

Selection of handpainted disney based converse

Paint and Party - for the Adults, Big Kids, Corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Face & body art is fast becoming the ‘must have’ at teen and adult parties and we offer a range of services including UV/Neon painting, Glitter Eye Art and Henna designs.

We love what we do and all our designs are applied free hand, making us fantastic to watch and great fun for your party guests. We can work to any theme you may have and cater for all events, no matter how small or large.

Please get in contact for a quote or a chat about your event.

A couple of days before Halloween, my neighbour invited me round for a cuppa. I decided to paint myself to surprise her.....

Wendy disguised as a witch

It definitely worked!

One of many clients painted as a scary clown
(Jeremy Coleman Photography)

This guy was painted at an amazing party held at The St Pancras International Renaissance Hotel. We had our team of artists there to entertain the crowds and all the adults got involved. What great sports!

Stunning eye work blending into the hair using glitter too 'We love creating statement make up and our eye designs go down a storm at evening events. These really are the ultimate 'bling'!

Roses painted on the very beautiful Mum of a Bar Mitzvah boy. Wow, did these guys know how to throw a party!

bright roses painted as back piece
(Jeremy Coleman Photography)
neon uv paint glowing bright in the dark

This was painted at an incredible UV party held at the Royal Adam & Eve hotel in Turkey. These guys really knew how to party!!

Wendy's masterful designs glow brightly at this party

About Me - The Paintertainer

Wendy a.k.a. The Paintertainer, groovy henna hand!
The Paintertainer

Wendy is a face and body artist, so skin is her canvas! Mainly serving in the Herts, Beds, Bucks and Greater London areas, Wendy also travels worldwide with her work. Specialising in children’s and adult parties, wedding receptions, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and corporate events, simply send a message if you’d like to know more.

Wendy a.k.a. The Paintertainer, groovy henna hand!

What My Customers Say

‘I saw you in action! Truly stunning work!'
Sara L
'Thank you The Paintertainer for your inspirational designs!'
Bregtje V D
'So talented .. Your work is just amazing!'
Pierangela M
'The most talented face painter I have ever seen. Works of art in minutes!'
Esin D S
'I love seeing your work, I am always inspired.'
Vanessa R L
'I love everything you do, but this? THIS I ADORE! It made my heart leap! So beautiful.'
Susanne D

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